Tianci Lake

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Open year round, 24/7
Recommended sightseeing time:1 hour
In Wuying National Forest Park, 17 kilometers north of Wuying District Tourist Road, Yichun CityMap
What travelers say:

This Wang Xiushui is called "Tianci Lake". The lake is nothing, but if it is in the virgin forest, it is precious, let alone such a beautiful name. The total area of "Tianci Lake" is 60,000 square meters, of which the lake water area is more than 50,000 square meters, the deepest lake water can reach 6 meters, the average water depth is also 2 meters, is formed by the forest clear spring. In ancient times, there were three farmhouses living here, they ploughed at sunrise, rested at sunset, and lived a leisurely farming life. But one year, the weather was drought, the dripping water was not falling, the crops were not harvested, and the people and animals in the village were facing existential threats. At this time, a brave young man resolutely went to other villages 100 miles away to fetch water, he did not fear the difficulties, overcome all difficulties, finally moved Guanyin. Guanyin from the jade bottle in his hand to his hometown drip a drop of holy water, formed a lake, and around the lake grew a dense forest, forming today's scenery, so the name "Tianci Lake". The lake is against the green mountains, the mountains are surrounded by the lake, the green lake, the green mountains, the green trees, the blue sky, the white clouds, just like a landscape painting, do not have a taste.


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